Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungus


Toenail fungus is embarrassing. (And let's face it, it's also pretty gross.) Fungus isn't something you ever asked for - but there it is. And if it's making you uncomfortable or making you feel embarrassed to wear certain shoes or to go barefoot, then it's time to take care of that problem once and for all.

You have better things to think about than whether or not someone is looking at your nails. (But when they are all festering and funky with fungus, it's hard not to, isn't it?)

If you are suffering from embarrassing toenail fungus and live near Shreveport, and Bossier City, Louisiana, you are in luck. Ark La Tex Foot & Ankle Specialists now offer the leading FDA-approved laser treatment for your fungal nails.

Our foot doctors can treat your toenail fungus in a simple series of three short visits, each only about 10 minutes. One treatment would normally do it, but to make sure we give you the very best care and the best chance of success, we give you your second and third treatments at no cost to you.

And that should be it! Your toenail fungus problems will be over.

How can we be so sure? Simple. With our long-pulse Fotona Nd:YAG 1064nm medical laser, we can boast a 95 percent or better success rate in destroying onychomycosis. That is not a claim that anyone else in in the industry can hope to make, much less back up. You can even ask them. Then come see us and see why we can give you results like no others.

Put simply: This laser is different from all of the competing lasers on the market. It delivers its beam in a unique way, and the beam itself is cleaner and more precise than any others. The laser beam being delivered is in fact stronger, cleaner, safer, and built to release its energy over a longer duration and over a perfectly balanced spot...meaning far safer, more comfortable, more effective results for you.

In fact, the technology making all this possible is patented. And it is unmatched.


The problem with toenail fungus medications
All too often, doctors prefer to dispense pills rather than solve the real problems of their patients. Medications for treating toenail fungus (onychomycosis) can cause problems with your internal organs and lead to side effects or complications worse than the fungus you are trying to get rid of.

Even in those limited cases when medications do work in the treatment of fungal nails, the results can take a long time to come about and the fungus often just comes back. In the end, it simply seems unwise subjecting your entire body to a medication meant to address a fungal infection under your toenails. Especially when there is a safe, simple, extremely effective laser solution available.

The problem with anti-fungal lotions and creams meant to cure toenail fungus
The internet is filled with any number of snake-oil so-called cures for nail fungus, most of them involving some kind of special lotion or chemical cream or herbal balm meant to be applied to your nails. Not only are these lotions and creams messy (and often terribly smelly), they just cannot penetrate the nail and reach the fungus they are supposed to be treating. Tackling something as formidable and tenacious as onychomycosis with a lotion or a cream is like fighting Chuck Norris with a feather pillow. It’s not going to get you anywhere but in worse trouble.

The problem with surgical procedures as a treatment for eliminating toenail fungus
Many patients who have suffered for years (or even decades) with fungal nails eventually give up on the medications and all the crazy lotions and creams, and they agree to have their nails surgically removed. But does it work? The success rate is actually just as low as any other conventional treatment for fungal toenails. You could get rid of your fungus-ridden toenails only to have them grow back just as infected. Worse yet, they could refuse to grow back at all. And if having fungal toenails is disagreeable, try living with no toenails and still having fungus.

No, surgery is not the answer here. Removing your nails does not get rid of the fungus. It does nothing to crush the infection. It is going to take a long-pulse Fotona Nd:YAG 1064nm laser to crush that infection.

The Real Solution to Toenail Fungus Is Finally Here

Laser science has made possible a whole new arena for medical advances. The right laser, with the right wavelength and the right beam profile, can accomplish results in treating your toenail fungus like nothing else. Our FDA-approved laser is backed by the most rigorous (and most successful) clinical results in the industry.

We can solve your toenail fungus problem for you. And you can get back to wearing the shoes you want to wear or showing off your bare feet again without any concern or embarrassment.

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